History of the Newton Police Department

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Established 1872

In February 1872, Newton was incorporated as a Third Class city.  William Brooks, a stage coach driver, was appointed the first City Marshal of Newton.  He resigned in June 1872 after being shot.

Newton's early days were filled with violence and bloodshed. Newton was described as "the toughest, loudest and most dangerous spot in the West."

Gradually, Newton settled down and began to develop into a peaceful and prosperous community.  The city was protected by numerous City Marshals until 1928 when J.W. Brown was appointed the first Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety.

Today, the Newton Police Department has 38 Police Officers and 4 civilian personnel.  The department has a number of specialized units, which include the K-9 Unit, Drugs and Narcotics Unit and School Resource Officers. The Newton Police Department also has programs for Police Reserve Officers and Cadet Officers.

Newton Police Chiefs/City Marshals

This list was obtained from various sources and is believed to be complete. Service overlap is due to the various sources providing different names or dates. These sources also provided differing numbers of Chiefs/Marshals, so all persons found designated as such are included in this list. Sources used were clippings from the Newton Kansan and information compiled about the City of Newton located in the Newton Police history books and archives.

Officers listed with an * in 1871 were appointed as the "Night Policeman" prior to the City of Newton being incorporated. William S. Brooks was the first official City Marshal.

1871-1871 Arthur Delaney aka Mike McCluskie*
1871-1871 Tom Carson*
1871-1871 Carlos King*
1872-1872 William S. Brooks
1872-1872 A. Maxwell
1872-1872 E.S. Sophaur
1872-1873 Jack R. Johnson
1873-1873 David Rasune
1874-1874 B.A. Satterlee
1875-1877 S.D. Wilcox
1877-1877 J.M. Cunningham
1877-1877 M.H. Lakin
1878-1878 A. Pratt
1878-1882 Henry Mayer
1881-1881 L.E. Williams
1882-1883 W.L. Sawyer aka M.S. Sawyer
1883-1885 Henry Mayer
1885-1892 Edward "Ed" Marks
1892-1894 A.L. Miller
1894-1894 J.H. Nowry
1894-1894 J.A. Carlisle
1894-1895 A.R. Ainsworth
1896-1896 G.H. Walker
1896-1902 John A. Cummings
1902-1905 A.R. Ainsworth
1905-1909 D.N. Garten
1909-1912 John A. Cummings
1912-1914 Martin Ballou
1915-1916 Howard Puckett
1916-1929 J. William Brown
1929-1931 J.R. Snyder
1931-1931 J.R. Rickerd
1931-1938 R.D. McGinnis
1938-1942 E. Alden Mathews
1942-1953 C.H. Sherman
1953-1973 C.E. Patterson
1973-1979 P.E. Hastings
1979-1985 D.I. Kelsch
1985-1989 William C. Smith
1989-2001 Ronald G. Jackson
2001-2015 James "Jim" Daily
2015-2019 Eric Murphy
2019-YTD Ronald "Craig" Dunlavy