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Frequently Asked Questions

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Q:I have a contractor performing work on my property. Will the City pick up debris associated with his work?

  • Q:I'm remodeling my home. How can I dispose of construction and demolition waste?

  • Q:How can I dispose of large items that don't fit into a cart?

  • Q:When is my garbage and recycling collection day?

  • Q:I put my garbage and recycling out on the right day. Why wasn’t it picked up?

  • Q:What should I do with excess trash or recyclables?

  • Q:What can be done to reduce the amount of trash blowing in my neighborhood on collection day?

  • Q:What if my cart is damaged?

  • Q:How do I get an additional cart?

  • Q:What if my cart has been lost or stolen?

  • Q:I have difficulty getting my large cart to the curb. How can you help me?

  • Q:I’m moving across town. Should I take my containers to my new address?

  • Q:I live in an apartment and don’t have my own containers. How do I recycle?

  • Q:What happens to the recyclables after they are collected?

  • Q:There was a note on my cart, and my garbage/recyclables were left behind. What does this mean?

  • Q:Can I put my name or address on my carts?