Parking Control

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The Parking Control Officer is responsible for enforcing all parking ordinances of the City of Newton. The Parking Control Officer's duties include checking for vehicles parked in handicap accessible parking stalls without a proper placard or license plate, vehicles parked in no-parking zones, vehicles parked in parking stalls with time limits for longer than is allowed and issuing citations for violations.

Paying a Parking Infraction Notice

Within five days you must either pay the fine shown on the citation at the Newton Police Department, 120 E 7th, at Municipal Court, 201 E 6th, online here, or by deposit in any red courtesy box, or deliver a Notice of Intent to Contest and a court date will be set. If you do neither, the owner of the vehicle will be sent notification that if payment of the amount shown on the notice, plus $10, is not paid within 10 days, a complaint will be filed in Newton Municipal Court, and an arrest warrant may be issued.