Operations Division

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The Operations Division contains the Patrol Unit, including the K-9 Unit, and the Warrant Officer/Balliff. The Operations Division is responsible for handling emergency calls, non-emergency calls for service, conducting traffic stops and making initial police reports.

The Operations Division is commanded by Deputy Chief Craig Dunlavy.

LT Dunlavy

DC Craig Dunlavy


Operations Division Units

  • Patrol Unit - The Patrol Unit is the largest unit in the Operations Division. The Patrol Unit operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are tasked with enforcing all federal, state and local criminal laws and ordinances.
  • K-9 Unit - The K-9 Unit consist of 2 K-9 Handler Teams. The K-9 Handler Teams are assigned to patrol shifts.
  • Warrant/Bailiff Unit - The Warrant/Bailiff Unit consist of one Warrant Officer.  The Warrant Officer Maintains the warrant files, picks up subjects arrested on Newton warrants and acts as the Municipal Court Bailiff


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