Online Reporting FAQ

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What if this is an emergency?
The online reporting system is intended for crimes that are not in progress. If you or someone else is in immediate danger, call 9-1-1

What should I do if online incident reporting is not for me?
Simply call 9-1-1 and request an officer to respond. We will gladly take your report in person.

What if this incident occurred in another jurisdiction? Can I file a report in Newton?
If your incident took place outside of the City of Newton, you must call the police department for that jurisdiction. The exception is if you are filing a lost property report (which is not a crime). As a courtesy to city residents, a lost property report may be filed regardless of where it occurred. Please use your home address for the “Location of Offense” on the report, if it happened outside of the City Limits.

What is a known suspect?
A known suspect is when you or someone else actually has knowledge of who is responsible for the crime. A person who may be responsible can be entered in the narrative of the report.

What if I am younger than 18 years of age?
Have an older family member, usually a parent or legal guardian, file the report for you.

Will I get a case number to give to my insurance company?
You will initially be emailed a temporary case number which you can use to reference your report. A permanent case number will be issued once the case has been reviewed.

What types of reports can I file online?
Non-domestic violence court order violations, fraud and financial crimes, harassing phone calls, hit-and-run collisions, identity theft, lost property, shoplifting, theft, theft from a vehicle, vehicle burglary, criminal damage to property, graffiti. If you would like to report any other crime please call 911.

Can I use online reporting to report a traffic collision?
Only non-injury hit-and-run collisions where your vehicle was unoccupied, with no suspect information can be reported using online reporting. If you would like to report a collision resulting in injury or a hit-and-run collision with suspect information, please call 9-1-1.

What if a firearm or other weapon was involved in the offense (i.e. a firearm was used or stolen in the offense)?
If a firearm or other weapon was used or stolen during the offense, the offense must be investigated by a police officer. Please call 9-1-1 to report the offense.

After completing my online report, what happens next?
When finished with the report, you will receive the confirmation, “Your online police report has been submitted". You will also receive a temporary case number for your records and be able to print a temporary report. Upon approval of your submission, you will be e-mailed your case number and a PDF copy of your official police report.

What if I don’t have a computer or internet access?
A public computer for filing online reports is available at the Newton Police Department, 120 East 7th Street. Public computers with internet access can also be found at the Newton Public Library.

Is a valid e-mail address required to file an online report?
Yes. After it is submitted, your online report will be reviewed. If corrections are required, or additional information is needed, you will be contacted using the e-mail address you provided. After approval, you will also be e-mailed your case number and PDF copy of your official police report. If you do not have a valid e-mail address, you can create a free account using numerous websites including, but not limited to:,, and

***Filing a false police report, including an online report, is illegal***

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