Strategic Goals

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As the City of Newton grows, the Newton Police Department has to grow with the community.  As part of this effort, the Newton Police Department has strategic goals to allow us to continue to protect and serve Newton.

  • Increase the number of officers – With the addition of new housing, the Kansas Logistics Park and the annexing of additional lands, we hope to add patrol officers to every shift. 
  • New and/or larger facility – We are currently in the process of designing a new facility which will be located at 320 N Main.  The new location will allow the Police Department and Municipal Court to have additional space and improved security. We have filled all available space in our current facility, and because it is an older building, it has some recurrent maintenance issues.
  • Add K-9 units – We hope to eventually have a K-9 on every shift, so one is always readily available on short notice.
  • The continued use of emerging technologies to help investigate and prevent crimes.


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