Divisions of the Newton Police Department

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The Newton Police Department has 5 divisions.

Administration Division

The Administration Division consist of the Chief of Police, the Deputy Chief, the Investigations Lieutenant, the Support Services Lieutenant and the Office Manager.  Chief Murphy is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Newton Police Department.

Operations Division

The Operations Division is supervised by the Deputy Chief.  The Operations Division consist of the Patrol Unit, which included the K-9 Unit, and the Warrant Officer.  The Patrol Unit consists of four Sergeants, four Corporals, and 12 Patrol Officers.  The officers who are assigned to patrol work 12-hour shifts, and each shift, when fully staffed, consists of a Sergeant, a Corporal and three Patrol Officers.  Currently, the K-9 Units consist of Sergeant Thompson with his K-9 partner Kozmo and Corporal Hawpe with his K-9 partner Carla. 

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is supervised by Lieutenant Powell.  The division consist of a Sergeant, three Detectives, a Domestic Violence Detective and a Narcotics Detective.

Support Services Division

The Support Services Division is supervised by Lieutenant Hall.  The division consist of the 3 School Resource Officers, the Emergency Response Team, the Animal Control Officer, the Parking Control Officer and the Reserve Unit.

Record Division

The Records Division is supervised by the Office Manager.  The division also has 2 records personnel.



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