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Department of Human Resources F.A.Q.

Below you will find a list of questions our Department is frequently asked.  If you can't find the question you have or need more details, please contact our office.


Q: How do I apply for a City of Newton job?

A: The City utilizes for all job postings unless otherwise mentioned in the job posting.

In order to submit an online application, you will need to log into the system, create a user ID and password, and then follow the online instructions. 

Please note: you do have to have an email address to complete an online application.  You can get a free email account online at places like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo! mail.  We do not endorse an of these providers specifically. 

You can copy and paste information from your resume into the online application, but please make sure you are using plain text when you do so.  This means no fancy bullets, formatting or lines.


Q: May I submit my resume in person or via mail instead of completing an on-line application?

A: No.  The City doesn't accept any document presented to our offices in lieu of an online application. Many applicants will submit an online application and then mail or drop off a copy of their resume to attach to their application.


Q: How do I know that my online application has been submitted?

A: Applicants can confirm through HRePartners website that their application was submitted by receiving a confirmation email from HRePartners stating your application has been submitted, or by logging into your HRePartners account and looking on the right hand side of the webpage for a box that states "Job Application History".


Q: How soon do you contact me about my application?

A: The urgency of filling each opening varies by position, so the time frame for filling the position will vary.  We will always contact every applicant within a process, regardless of outcome.  Contact methods used by our HR staff include phone, email or USPS letter. 


Q:  I recently changed my name, what do I need to do to update my information.  

A: Once you have obtained legal documentation of your name change, please print it to our office.  We will make a copy of the documentation for your employee file.  Our team will make the changes necessary to reflect your new name.

Q: I recently have had a change of status (birth, death, divorce, marriage, adoption) and need to make changes to my benefit plan.  How do I do this?

A: A change to a benefit plan, outside of open enrollment, can only be made when you have encountered a “life event.”  The items listed above are considered life events.  

Once you have obtained legal documentation of such event (birth certificate, marriage license, death certificate, divorce decree, etc.) bring the document to our office.  We will make a copy for your file and have you complete a benefit plan change form.  

In order to complete the form, you will need to know the full name, address, social security number and date of birth of the person(s) you are adding/removing from the plan.  The form can be obtained from HR, by email request or from the employee Extranet.  

Please note, all life event changes must take place within 30 days of the life event in order to be considered. 

Q: I have attended some specialized training and received certificates upon completion.  Does the City need these?

A: Several City positions require that employees hold special certifications and/or attend specific training sessions in order to remain in the position.  A few examples of these items would be EMS certification, CDL licensing, FEMA training and etc.

If you hold a position that requires certification/licensing, we will always need documentation to prove an employee has a required certification and/or training.   You can make a copy of the original training certificate or license and submit it to our office for placement in your employee file.

If you attend a training session that isn’t required, but you would like a copy of the documentation to be placed in your employee file, we would be happy to accommodate your request.  Simply make us a copy of the original training certificate or license and submit it to our office.  

Q: I did not sign up for the Fitness Center benefit when I was initially offered the benefit, can I still sign up?

A:  An employee is able to sign up for the Fitness Center benefit at any time during the year.  However, once an employee is signed up for the benefit he/she cannot have the benefit removed until the next calendar year.

To sign up for the membership, you’d simply fill out the Fitness Center benefit form and turn it into our office.  The form can be obtained from HR, by email request or from the employee Extranet.  You will then need to go to the fitness center chosen on the form and inform them you wish to have a City of Newton membership. 

Q: I want to change my W4 or K4 withholding.  How can I submit these changes?

A: A W4/K4 withholding change can be made at any point and time throughout the year.  Employees who submit an amended K4/W4 form the week payroll is run will not have their changes input into the system until the next payroll.

To change your W4/K4, you would simply fill out the state or federal form and submit it to Human Resources.  We will fill out the appropriate in-house paperwork and get the forms to payroll for processing.  The forms can be obtained from HR, by email request or from the employee Extranet.  

Please note, you do not have to change your W4 and K4 at the same time.  You can change either form or both forms.

Q: I would like to obtain some more information on the City's ICMA retirement plan.  Where do I get this?

 A: Our team would be happy to assist you.  Depending on the information you’re requesting, we can provide a booklet of information or get you in contact with our ICMA retirement plan contact.  

Q: My time clock badge isn't working.  Who do I report this to?

A: First of all, please let your Supervisor know your badge is not working immediately.  Most likely they’ll have you clock in and out using a backup method.  

HR will be able to troubleshoot your badge issues and/or provide you with a new one.   Just contact our office and we’d be happy to assist you.

Q:  Can I hold another job, outside of the City of Newton, without being fired?

A: According to policy 15.06 of the employee handbook:
Employees shall not be engaged in other, outside employment without the prior written approval of  City Manager.  
Requests may be denied if such employment would create a conflict with the employee’s assigned City duties.  Approval may be cancelled at any time if it is determined that such employment does create a conflict with the employee’s assigned City duties, or adversely affects such person’s efficiency or productivity as a City employee.

If the employee is engaged in outside employment and the City revokes or denies approval for such, the employee will be asked to terminate the outside employment if he or she wishes to remain with the City.

Regardless of whether the City approved such a request, employees shall not engage in private business activities while at work and shall not use City property or facilities for such activities.


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