Employee Benefits

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The City of Newton has established a variety of employee benefit programs designed to assist employees and their eligible dependents in meeting the financial burdens that can result from illness, disability, and death, and to help employees plan for retirement, deal with job related or personal problems, and enhance their job-related skills.

Specifically, the City offers employee benefit programs such as vacation and sick leave; paid holidays; a longevity pay plan; health and dental insurance; flexible benefits; life insurance plans; a wellness program with membership to the Newton Wellness Center or YMCA; training and professional development; retirement benefits; and more.


Paid Vacation Leave

Fire/EMS Personnel on a 24/48 rotating shift earn between 156 and 252 hours of vacation based on years of service.
Police Personnel on 12 hour shifts earn between 88 and 156 hours of vacation based on years of service
Regular Personnel earn between 88 and 152 hours of vacation based on years of service. 


Paid Sick Leave

Fire/EMS Personnel earn 6-hours per pay period with a maximum of 1080 hours.
All other Personnel earn 4-hours per pay period, with a maximum of 720 hours.  


Paid Holidays

Employees receive 10.5 paid holidays a year.


Wellness Incentives                                                                                                                             

Employees choosing to participate in the City's Wellness Program, set up through the YMCA, have the ability to qualify for discounted health insurance premiums.

Additionally, employees have the option to take advantage of an employer's membership to the Newton Recreation Center or YMCA.


Life Insurance

The City of Newton offers life insurance through Advance Life Insurance.  The City pays 100% of the individual employee premiums.


Dates of Pay

Employees are paid every two weeks on Friday.


Other employee benefits are provided by the companies listed below.