Newton/North Newton Register of Historic Places

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The properties listed below have been named to the Newton/North Newton Register of Historic Properties because they possess significant historical, archeological and/or architectural qualities.
The Railroad Savings & Loan Building was built in 1925 in the Beaux Arts architectural style and designed by Greenebaum, Hardy and Schumacher.  The Railroad Savings & Loan Company was chartered in May 1896 and it became one of the more prominent financial institutions in Newton, and Kansas, during the early 20th century.  At the time when the new building was commissioned, the company was valued at $8 million.  The 50th Anniversary edition of the Newton Kansan, dated August 22, 1922, cites the association as being “being a most valuable factor in the up-building of Newton and community and various other portions of the state of Kansas…”  Newton had already been the site of its home office for 30 years before the new building was constructed in 1925.  It was in 1924, when Greenebaum, Hardy and Schumacher of Kansas City, were selected as the architects with the building reported to cost around $150,000.  The loan company would occupy the first floor while the second floor would be office space.  The esteem in which this company was held is evident in the praise for both the building and the Association found in March 6, 1925, Newton Journal: “When completed it will be a thoroughly modern office building of the highest class with many refinements found usually only in large buildings…  (The Association) has grown from a struggling beginning…to its present statewide operation through more than one hundred and fifty branches.”

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