Newton/North Newton Register of Historic Places

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The properties listed below have been named to the Newton/North Newton Register of Historic Properties because they possess significant historical, archeological and/or architectural qualities.
The Mennonite Settler Statue, also known as the Wheat Memorial, is an eleven-foot stylized depiction of a bearded Mennonite wheat farmer standing straight and erect, hat in hand, in an attitude of prayer.  He is made from Kansas Silverdale limestone.  The sculpture rests on a red cylindrical pedestal upon a circular mosaic.  The mosaic inscription reads: “Commemorating entry into Kansas from Russia of Turkey Red Hard Wheat by Mennonites 1874.”  The statue was the 1942 project of the Junior Chamber of Commerce.  Max Nixon, a young Kansas artist, working under the Works Progress Administration (WPA), was the sculptor.  Local expenses were covered by donation, much of it “in kind,” by bushels of wheat contributed out of the field.  Nixon used the social realism style of the pre-World War II era.  His goal was to honor the wheat farmers and their arduous but heroic labor.  In 2000, the statue underwent a major restoration.
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